Heyyy 🙌

Heyyy 🙌

Well, well, well…

Yes, I have joined the bloggers club, and honestly, I never saw myself doing this, but you know, boredom makes people do different things.  Anywayy, this is TheBookHearing  *drum roll* 🥁 and, I’ll be putting up reviews on books I’ve read, and my thoughts on books generally. I’ll also be sending e-copies of the books I review on request, so if i review a book and you’d love to read it, just let me know & I’ll send it right away.

Well, I think that’s all about that.

Love, Peace & Chicken grease✌🏽,



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  1. Ayyy go girl, can’t wait for you to start 🙅🙅😉

      1. Can’t wait😊

  2. This is one of my happiest moments. I’m proud of your tenacity,resourcefulness,creativity, boldness, courage & faith! Go girl!can’t wait!I’m so excited. You are destined for the topmost top!

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