We Need to Talk about Kevin by Lionel Shriver

We Need to Talk about Kevin by Lionel Shriver

“We need to talk about Kevin”, is a book about a psychopathic boy named Kevin. The book is narrated by Eva Khatchadourian through her letters to her absent husband, Franklin Plaskett. Eva is the mother of Kevin Khatchadourian, the perpetrator of the Gladstone High School massacre. In the letters, Eva narrates her life as a mother to Kevin.

The letters talk of the current time; the terrible experience as the mother of a psychotic murderer, facing a lawsuit against the bereaved parents of Kevin’s dead classmates – his victims, visiting her son weekly in the correctional facility. The other part of the letters talk about the past; from Kevin’s conception up to the day he committed mass murder.

Kevin was an odd child right from infancy. He rejected breast milk, cried incessantly, did not talk (even though he had learnt how to) until he was three years old, and refused to be toilet trained (he wore diapers until he was five years old). He was indifferent about everything, he showed little or no affection towards his family, and he treated everyone with contempt and hatred, especially Eva his mother.

However, as Kevin got older, he began to display some sinister behaviors. Nannies were quitting for no reason. Kevin was shunned from playgroups etc. Kevin’s crimes were deduced rather than witnessed, apart from the time when he sprayed ink with a squirt gun all over Eva’s precious maps tacked to her walls of her study. Eva never actually saw a single instance of his misbehavior but she was sure that almost all the “incidents” were caused by him, including one that had his sister mutilated for life.

Eva is convinced that her son is so clever as to hide his true self from all, especially Franklin. While Eva contends with understanding Kevin’s behavior, her husband continues to turn a blind eye, saying he’s only a child and also blaming Eva for being an absent and unloving mother. Franklin beloved Kevin was a normal boy and there was a reasonable explanation for everything he did. Kevin acts like a loving and respectful son whenever Franklin was around. This caused a fall out between Eva and Franklin, one they never got out from.

The climax of the book is absolutely chilling, and it’s of course towards then end. Actually, the most interesting/intriguing parts of the book are the last 100/200 pages out of 1000 (that’s for the Ebook anyway, the hard copy is about 400 pages).

For such a dark novel, it had a touching and end. It reminds the readers that although Kevin had his monstrous faults, he was still only a child.

It was a great story, it made me wonder if Kevin was the way he was due to the way he was raised (having an unloving mother, and absentee mother) or if he was just evil in his core.

This book was finely written, with lots of elaboration. It had LOTS of big/unfamiliar words (I kept checking my dictionary back and forth). It’s a long book with about 1000 pages (Ebook version), therefore, it’s not easy to read, I had to concentrate to read it. This was my first experience with a horror/thriller novel, and I totally enjoyed it. It’s the kind of book that you keep thinking about long after you’ve read it. I look forward to reading more books like this and sharing my thoughts and experience with you guys.

If you need a copy, let me know. Also let me know if you have any recommendations šŸ˜Š. Till my next post. Toodaloo āœŒšŸ½


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